Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Download TrueTransparency Latest Version

Size : 1.02MB

TrueTransparency is one of the available solutions and although it does only a single thing, it’s still worth our attention because it promises to bring a new transparency level to our windows.

The application comes as a very light tool supposed to add a windows border with transparency, thus trying to make the whole operating system a bit more attractive without hampering computer performance at all.

Only that during our test we’ve noticed some performance problems caused by the app, not to mention that the program crashes every once in a while on Windows 7 machines.

TrueTransparency doesn’t come with an interface per se, but with a System Tray icon that provides access, via the right click menu, to some handy options, including the possibility to enable three different features, AeroShake, WinRoll and AeroSnap.

Plus, it also has some customization preferences, letting you choose between multiple skins, but the result won’t be too different from the default look.

Although the app remains light on computer resources, the rest of the windows, now with a more appealing border, seem to be seriously slowed down, regardless of the enabled features.

So all in all, TrueTransparency isn’t such a great tool, although it promises to make your operating system a lot more attractive. Good thing it’s free though.

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