Sunday, 1 July 2012

HD Widescreen 3D Graffiti Wallpaper Pack (1920x1080)

Ever scribbled or made some sort of markings in public places? Well if you’ve done one before, you definitely have had a graffiti experience. Why? Here’s the answer… Graffiti or graffito in plural means any type of markings in open spaces that may turn out from plain written words or images. They quite make paintings more perceptible. The birth of this artistic expression is mistakenly credited to the hip-hop culture but actually, it has existed since ancient times in some European empires.
Art has been within reach since then and it has proved so much even when it was during those early times. There is so much more to just the simple Graffiti touch you may find but how creatively done they are in that sense. In the modern world today, there are just a lot of updating to do especially when it comes to art and even when it comes to the graffito experience for your desktop.

This form of self-conveyance may seem “thuggish” to some but this is cool and fascinating that it has captured photography while conquering the digital graphic design limelight as well. This takes you off from the usual feel of desktop backgrounds even. So if you’re amazed with graffito, we give you the option to indulge yourself into this very noticeable artistry as we bring it right to your PC. Feel free to click through and even choose! Here we go with our newest collection of Free Striking HD Widescreen Graffiti Wallpapers…

Wallpaper Pack Size : 16.21MB

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