Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Download Android Skin Pack for Windows 7

Android Skin Pack 1.0 transforms your desktop, disguising the start menu as a notification bar, and adding a launcher dock at the bottom of your screen (albeit with several more icons than its Android counterpart).  

Size : 28.86MB
The pack also comes with a variety of familiar Android icons, a stylish wallpaper, and even spruces up your computer's boot screen.

The theme is a fun tweak for those PC users who have been yearning for a taste of Android on their desktop, and can be implemented using a handy installer package available for download here, and don't worry - if you get tired of the theme, it can be uninstalled easily, and Windows will revert back to normal.Typically, I'm not very interested in theming for Windows, and I resist change to my desktop configuration as much as possible. I was convinced today, however, to give it a try with Android Skin Pack 1.0 from Xelent Gallery.

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